Bring Your Designs to Life with Cut Make and Trim!

Bring Deinen Entwurf ins Leben mit Cut Make and Trim!

Zaprojekuj swoje ubrania my wykroimy uszyjemy i wykonczymy!

Our Mission / Unsere Mission / Nasza Misja

To provide our customer with a high quality garment making service of any production Quantity, along with the best value for money. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

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About / Über / O nas

We provide a wide range of garment manufacturing capabilities, particularly aimed at the designer section, both start ups and established businesses. Together with our experienced English speaking staff we provide a custom service for your garment manufacture.

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We Offer / Wir Bieten / Nasza Oferta

A wide range of custom garment manufacturing options for Ladies, Casual wear, Dresses, Blouses, Shorts and Skirts; for men the full range of Casual wear, Fleece sweaters, Hoodies, jog pants, Sports shirts and Shorts. We also manufacture a full range of children’s wear.

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